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Natural Supplements for Better Orgasms

For more than seven years, Somalab has dedicated itself to introducing and educating men and women about the benefits of using natural supplements in order to augment general well-being and untapped virility.

Recognized for consistently delivering high-quality products and having a strong voluntary reorder rate, Somalab has committed itself to formulating and distributing remarkably effective herbal alternatives that enhance and strengthen the sexually physical attributes for both genders.

Unlike many distributors of adult enhancement supplements who claim their products improve all sexual attributes (an impossible feat), Somalab’s products are exceptional in their singularly precise formulations. It is our belief there is no one-pill answer to improving everything "below-the-belt." Our supplements are "performance-specific," meaning each product is designed to spot-light one distinctive aspect of performance. This approach allows our formulators to concentrate on the principle on which it was intended, maximizing its proposed aim.

Benefits & Results

What Results will daily users of Somalab Supplements Encounter?

About Our Proprietary Blends

Taking Serogen every day has been the best thing I ever did. It's helped my performance on screen and off in an obvious way. Doesn't matter how old you are. I recommend all men use Serogen.

Nick Manning Adult performer and AVN's 2003
Best Male Newcomer award winner

Products Comparison Chart

Product: Intended for: Description:
men Multiply and intensify your "Ropes" with Serogen from Somalab.
Serogen SP
Serogen SP
men The strongest, most effective prostate supplement available.
Back in stock
women Sensagen is Somalab's long-awaited daily supplement that's specially formulated just for her.
Black Gold
Black Gold
men Our newest supplement, a potent "East-Meets-West" formula combining a traditional Eastern aphrodisiac, Eurycoma longifolia with our popular proprietary Western blend, Cernate.

Buyers beware!

WarningIt has been brought to our attention that there are similar products currently available on the web that are possibly fraudulent and have had customer complaints levied against them. Please see our “buyer beware” page for a list and actual links regarding product reviews, actual complaints filed against the companies selling them, and press releases regarding news about lawsuits pending against a few of these sellers.

Since these questionable and uncredible products have damaged Somalab’s reputation, we find it necessary to point out that these products and their respective sellers are supplements and Web distributors that Somalab IS NOT affiliated with.

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Soma Sampler for Men


A one-month supply of each of our men’s products (Serogen, Serogen SP, and Black Gold). That’s a savings of over $60, if each product was purchased separately.

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Due to customs restrictions, Canadian and Australian orders of Soma Samplers will receive 2 Serogen SP’s in place of the Black Gold.


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