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Buyer Beware-of-blend Warning - Important Note About Our Competitors:

To all new and returning Somalab customers:
We are aware of a recent flood of knock-off products claiming to increase, intensify, strengthen, and enhance (among many descriptors) male orgasmic contractions, also known as "ropes."

We understand imitation is the highest form of compliment and we are sincerely flattered that our product credibility and our introduction of the term "ropes" to mainstream consumers can only be positive, however, IT MUST BE STATED that these products (Ropex and Roplex, just two of them) DO NOT contain Somalab's blend of Cernate, Serogen's active ingredient.

Serogen is the original rope-inducing, orgasm-enhancer. No other product on the market contains this unique one-of-a-kind herbal composition. As a service to our customers, the following is a handful of pollen-based supplements that claim similar properties of Serogen but do not contain Cernate: Ropex, Roplex, and Ogoplex.

NOTE: Somalab IS NOT affiliated with these products.