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Urban Nutritionals, the makers of Orexis™

Company contact information:
Orexis™ , LLC
302A West 12th St, #276
New York, NY 10014

The makers and distributors of Orexis™ is owned by Urban Nutritionals. Urban Nutritionals sells a wide-range of products besides Orexis.™ The Urban Nutritionals product line includes:

  • FindLongevityNow™®
  • FindSerenityNow™
  • GoodbyeHangovers™
  • Hydroleyes™
  • OsteoEase™
  • MiracleBurn®Cream
  • MyDailyDose®
  • MiracleBurn®
  • Orexia™
  • Venacura™
  • CholesterClear™

The fact that the makers of Orexis™ distribute and formulate everything under the sun, from anti-aging creams toGoodbyeHangovers to pet chews, may be a concern in the arena of sexual specialty.

The following are quotes of actual reviews (we’ve included the links to read the entire reviews

Orexis review on Amazon
Orexis review on Amazon

I purched a 60 day supply of Orexis. After the first 30 days I have NOT experienced any benifit of this product. I have followed the manufatures instructions as to use but NONE of the promised benefits were realized. I have another 30 day supply and will be happy to revise my review if the second 30 days produce any results. I can NOT recommend OREXIS for anyone.

Save your money! Much hype about nothing! I'm a 68 year old guy and Orexis did absolutely nothing for me. Don't buy it!



Total ripoff, must be old oil does more than this ripoff cream...nice package is all it has going for it...Amazon stop selling junk, They also had the same exact review that ViSwiss had on the site, another ripoff product as well...Headaches if you used it...That will get you ready to please your partner

The following are formal complaints filed by customers (complete thread of complaints against Urban Nutrition):


Bad Marks - Urban Nutrition

Having a VERY BAD experience with Urban Nutrition (the makers of MyDailyDose and Orexis/Orexia). I have ordered their trial versions of MyDailyDose and Orexis as part of this iPod deal. I have received MyDailyDose in the mail, and not received the Orexis. The bad experience lies with their customer service. Apparently, the only way you can cancel out of their 'autoship' (auto-deduct from your credit card) is to do it online. I've done this 6 times already, and have not received their promised email notification confirmations. I have called their phone number, and the only way you can reach a customer service rep (or ANYONE!) is to leave a message - and they clearly stipulate that they will not answer any 'Autoship' cancellation messages.

My advice to anyone who might wonder: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! I am considering a seperate RIP OFF and BBB report for this company.

On another note, I did receive one of my credit cards yesterday...unfortunately, I have already completed 2 offers from it's catagory...

Update - Credit Cards/Urban Nutrition
Still haven't heard back from Urban Nutrition about my Autopay cancelation for MyDailyDose and Orexis. I did, however, get my package of Orexis yesterday. Neither Orexis nor MyDailyDose has updated my status yet either. !

On another note, I recieved my other credit card today in the mail - so this makes 2. I went online last night to buy something with credit card #1, and this morning, I noticed they updated my status....altho, now I have 3 complete for that catagory - oh well.

I went online tonight to purchase something with credit card #2...I suspect they will follow through and update my status within the next couple

of days - I'm not worried since they are a respectable credit card company.

So far, things are going pretty well with the exception of Urban Nutrition. I suspect I'll have to fax proof of purchase in to redeem my iPod. This Urban Nutrition company seems oblivious to everyone and everything except their greed...maybe they will prove me wrong...

This is just one complaint on about Urban Nutrition, the makers of Orexis (the entire thread can be found here)

Posted the following Complaint

July 20, 2005 00:00:00
Urban Nutrition Inc.

I would like to file a complaint against Urban Nutrition Inc. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!! Their website states 100% customer satisfaction which is false advertising because you can not return their product for a refund; you can only get store credit, and I do not want store credit because I am
dissatisfied with their product and want my money back.

When I called their number 1 201-876-2570 to cancel my order and ask for a refund, I was told that I could only get store credit because my order was only a partial order (what a bunch of BULL, so much for the 100% satisfaction guarantee). THIS COMPANY IS A RIP-OFF COMPANY AND NEEDS TO BE
INVESTIGATED BY THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU FOR FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! I have also filed a complaint with my credit card company, AMEXCO, and they are investigating.
al Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_46438#

The following is a list of news and press releases regarding legal action against Urban Nutrition, the makers of Orexis:

The manufacturers of Capatrex male enhancement, Paramount Nutraceuticals, will be suing the owners of (one of many shadow sites administrated by Urban Nutrition, the makers of Orexis for trademark infringement and unfair competition for fraudulent reviews.
Paramount Nutraceuticals, LLC, manufacturers of Capatrex male enhancement will be suing the owners of, which is affiliated with Orexis, Urban Nutrition, Atlantic Coast Media Group, and Andrew Surwillo. will be served with a lawsuit for trademark violation, unfair competition, defamation, libel, and slander. has completely fabricated reviews about Capatrex male enhancement. Court subpoenas will show that the false names and slanderous reviews were completely fabricated. used these false reviews to steer its readers to other products that it promotes through affiliate and/or ownership arrangements. sought to tarnish the Capatrex brand through fraudulent reviews with no respect to the registered Capatrex trademark. They further used the Capatrex trademark in the title of their review blog, in meta tags, and inbound links to their fraudulent Capatrex review blog. This constitutes clear and unquestioned trademark infringement. is no stranger to lawsuits. Andrew Surwilo, Atlantic Coast Media Group, Orexis, and Urban Nutrition were also sued by Ray Sahelian. Mr. Sahelian sued this ownership group for trademark violation and unfair competition stemming from false reviews of his product, Passion Rx. Andrew Surwillo, Atlantic Coast Media Group, Orexis, and Urban Nutrition settled out of court with Mr. Sahelian for $75,000.

The public should know that reviews posted on about Capatrex male enhancement are fabricated and completely slanderous. They do not represent the viewpoints of actual users of the product. The longer these posted reviews remain on, the more legal fees and damages the Capatrex group will seek.

Capatrex is a registered trademark of Paramount Nutraceuticals, LLC. Capatrex is one of the fastest growing male enhancement products in the United States, and represents the culmination of years of research and development to position the product as one of the best and safest supplements in the male enhancement niche. Capatrex features many break-through technologies, including a patent-pending formula that most other male enhancement supplements can't claim. Capatrex also is available at a significant discount to most other male enhancement products on market. Informed readers should not rely on any information posted on Details of the lawsuit will be forthcoming.

source: Free Press Release (Press Release distribution since 2001)
For more information:

Some other concerns about Orexis and Urban Nutrition
One claim the makers of Orexis™ make is that user will achieve advanced control over their orgasms. This cannot be possible since Orexis™ is NOT a delay or “numbing” cream.
Another claim is that Orexis™ uses a patented delivery technology so that the ingredients bypass the stomach acids for immediate and guaranteed results. Our question: If you consume something orally, how can any ingestible bypass stomach acids?

A third claim that the patented Orexis™ manufacturing process extracts the ingredients 15 times their normal strength. For the first time: natural ingredients are as strong as pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the milligramage of any of the Orexis™ constituency anywhere on the Orexis™ site.
Orexis™ is endorsed by a “Dr. Haltiwanger.” The endorsement can be found below as well as on the Orexis™ Web site. Unfortunately, no information is given about Dr. Haltiwanger’s fields of study or affiliations.

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter officially documents my approval of Orexis,™ an extremely
HIGH quality male enhancement supplement supplied by Orexis,™ LLC I am
proud to stand behind Orexis™ for these reasons:

  • The development team at Orexis™ has sourced the most potent and fast-acting
    ingredients money can buy to produce the first 100% natural formula
    that can produce noticeable immediate and long-term results. The herbs
    that make up Orexis™ are grown by the top award winning growers in both
    the US, Brazil and China. These herbs are extremely expensive because
    of the extreme care that went into growing them. The combination of
    using the best herbs money can buy as well as the proprietary
    manufacturing extraction & concentration process is what makes
    Orexis™ so effective, fast-acting and safe.
  • Orexis™  has been carefully engineered, manufactured and packaged in a
    world-class facility that is up to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Orexis™ is designed to be delivered to, and assimilated by, the male enhancing
    organs. Orexis™ will stimulate these organs to exceed their natural
  • The ingredients in Orexis™ can produce the following physical results
    approximately 45 minutes after consumption: boosting blood flow to the
    penis for firmer and fuller erections, increased sexual arousal and

Dr. Haltiwanger

Latest Lawsuit filed against Orexis and Urban Nutrition

Orexis Lawsuit by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Lawsuit filed in June 2008 against Orexis and Urban Nutrition for Unfair Competition, Trademark violation, and Libel

Andrew Surwilo and Atlantic Coast Media Group were served in January 2009
Jan 2009
Andrew Surwilo and Atlantic Coast Media group are added to the lawsuit and served. Andrew Surwilo is agent of service for Orexis, Urban Nutrition, and Atlantic Coast Media Group.
Andrew Surwilo is agent of service to these companies:
Atlantic Coast Media Group, Llc and Flc, has a business entity in Hoboken, New Jersey
Longevity, Llc and Flc, has a business entity in Hoboken, New Jersey
Orexis, , Llc and Flc, has a business entity in Hoboken, New Jersey
Urban Nutrition, Llc and Flc, has a business entity in Hoboken, New Jersey
March 2009
Case 2:08-cv-03561-RGK-CT Document 59 Filed 03/18/2009

In accordance with the provisions of Rule 68 of the Federal Rules
of Civil Procedure, IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that
(collectively "Defendants"):
1. Pay Plaintiff, Ray Sahelian, M.D., $75,000.00, inclusive of
all damages of any form, including attorney's fees,
liquidated damages, and interest;
2. Are enjoined from:
A. further purchase of keyword advertising triggered by
the words "Passion RX” and "Sahelian" on any
Internet search engine;
B. use of the terms "Passion RX” and "Sahelian" in
metatags on websites operated by them; and
C. publication of reviews of "Passion RX” and any other
product sold by Sahelian on any websites operated
by them.
DATED: March 18, 2009 ____________________________
R. Gary Klausner, US District Judge