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Another male sexual enhancer on the market today is Ogoplex, derived from the same ideal as Serogen, Somalab's original orgasm intensifier and formulated to naturally enhance the male orgasm and improve sexual health.

However, unlike Ogoplex, Serogen is comprised of select "defined" Swedish pollen extracts used for generations as a male sexual enhancer. Ogoplex is one among many that have tried to duplicate the proprietary blend of SerogenT, which is considered the best male orgasm enhancer on the market; currently there is no comparable sexual supplement for men that is as effectual as Serogen.

Ogoplex and other similar sexual enhancers for men claim to "teach you 'the ropes'" (European sexual slang term for male orgasmic contractions). Serogen is the original and most effective "rope-inducing" supplement.

Don't be fooled by subpar blends. Are you a woman looking to improve your sexual health and the strength and frequency of your orgasms? Somalab now offers Sensagen, a daily supplement that produces results for women comparable to the results of Serogen, Ogoplex and other similar male orgasm enhancers produce for men - stronger, deeper, and more intense climatic release.

Experience longer more powerful orgasms with Serogen and relive the orgasm intensity of your younger years. SerogenT, unlike Ogoplex, has a propeitary blend of pollen extracts that have proven to be effective by both professional male performers and men throughout the world.

Ogoplex and other male organsm enhancers have proven to work. However, Serogen is comprised of the original extract blend that is currently being used by professionals and amateurs alike. When it comes to sexual vitality and overall sexual health we recommend that you use the best products available.

Serogen is the original rope inducing formula that, unlike Ogoplex, is considered the best male orgasm enhancer on the market. If you have been using Ogoplex it may be time for you to try the leading formula on the market today: Serogen.

If you have been considering Ogoplex you need to try Serogen. No other male orgasm enhancer has proven to have greater results. Like Ogoplex, Serogen is all natural and can be taken by men of all ages.

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Supplements like Ogoplex and Serogen have proven to produce stronger and deeper Orgasms. In addition Ogoplex and Serogen have proven to promote a healthy prostate as well as assist in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Pure extracts like Serogen and Ogoplex are used to strengthen and deepen the male orgasmic experience. It should come as no surprise that this natural supplement can help to promote overall health as well. Chose from the best comparable male orgasm enhancement supplement comparable to Ogoplex; Serogen.