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Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) is important for the manufacture of the sex and adrenal hormones; however, along with its primary prosexual effects, shortly after ingestion, niacin can produce sensations of intense warmth accompanied by a tingly itch throughout the body lasting up to 20 minutes. It may also produce a reddish cast to the skin, which is especially pronounced in the extremities. This response is called the “Niacin Flush.”

Why your body flushes

This red, itching warmth caused by niacin use is well known and isharmless. The flush is healthy and indicates that niacin is helping improve blood flow and circulation by expanding blood capilaries. Reaction from the Niacin Flush actually mimics an individual’s natural sexual response.

Another benefit of niacin supplementation is that its associated flush is often accompanied by increased secretion in the mouth and sexual organs, which can further enrich the sexual experience.

Sexual enhancement

Some men find the Niacin Flush uncomfortable. But others, particularly when ingesting niacin for sexual enhancement, experience heightened sensations and sensitivities throughout the entire body — not just in the genital area. Overall skin-to-skin contact during such a flush can be extraordinary.

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