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The Intention Behind Somalab’s Black Gold: Combining Golden Kat and Cernate

The notion behind the creation of Golden Kat was simple: Improve on an effective Eastern Herbal aphrodisiac and intermix it with Cernate, Somalab’s enriched version of a Western sexual supplement. The foundation of Golden Kat’s formula is Tongkat Ali (Longjack), a small tree native to Malaysia, lower Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia and used as a traditional remedy for restoring fatigue, re-establishing sexual desire, and treating impotence. Golden Kat and Cernate make Black Gold one of the most complete and unique natural male sexual enhancers available.

Engineering Our Proprietary Golden Kat
with a select Blend of Natural Ingredients

Added to Golden Kat’s core extract is a perfect balance of zinc, niacin, and yohimbe, elements that together work toward increased male virility and sexual prowess and improve strength and power in every essential category during sexual activities.

  • Golden Kat combats fatigue, increases energy and stamina and improves mood.
  • With its measured quantity of niacin, Golden Kat improves blood circulation
  • Regularly using Golden Kat will help stimulate testosterone levels.
  • Golden Kat’s light amount of yohimbe will effectively promote erection rigidity.
  • Golden Kat’s large daily amount of zinc is vital to several aspects of male reproduction, including hormone production, sperm formation and sperm motility. According to Julian Whitaker, in his popular book, Dr. Whitaker's Guide to Natural Healing, given that zinc is most concentrated in semen, frequent ejaculation can quickly lead to depleted zinc levels.
  • None of Golden Kat’s ingredients are banned by the FDA or on the list of substances scheduled to be banned.

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