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In order for a fertility specialist or clinic to qualify on this list, there must be at least one fellowship trained fertility specialist on staff. In most cases, these fertility-specialist trained physicians are board certified.

A fellowship is an additional three years of subspecialty study after a residency in obstetrics and gynecology has been successfully completed. These physicians undergo extensive study in all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of infertility including IVF, ICSI, and other assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures. Once the fellowship has been successfully completed, board certification is obtained by passing a series of complex written and verbal exams regarding all aspects of fertility/infertility.

Please note that any scenarios regarding pregnancy, conceiving children, and  male and/or female fertility/infertility, we strongly recommend that infertility should be treated by a specialist. Treatment costs are less and success rates are higher. Regardless of the practice you choose, be sure to confirm your specialists qualifications and visit the Center for Disease Control Web site to review their success rates.