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Serogen SP

Somalab’s Premium Male Supplement and the Strongest, Most Effective Prostate Fortifier Available



Serogen-SP: Somalab’s Premium Anabolic Performance Blend

Serogen-SP is Somalab’s premium version of its original product, Serogen. Serogen-SP’s effectiveness is in its simplicity: An ultra-maximized, highly concentrated synergistic blend of the prostate “proven two”— Cernate and saw palmetto.

Both these extremely effective ingredients have consistently earned their upper-tier “potency” status in studies and trials worldwide. There is no other herbal composition that contains the maximum concentration and superior potency formulation of Serogen-SP’s two active ingredients—anywhere.

How does Serogen-SP differ from Serogen Pure Extract?
A high-grade blend of saw palmetto has been added to Serogen’s active ingredient Cernate, Somalab’s own proprietary blend of “defined” pollen, rounding out an obvious and straightforward recipe for the ideal prostate supplement. Serogen-SP delivers all the sexual benefits and orgasm-enhancing properties of Serogen, but with the added favorable traits of saw palmetto, one of the few Western herbs considered anabolic, that is, it has the potential to strengthen and build body tissue. Saw palmetto’s proven decongestive properties and Cernate’s “smooth-walling” effect on muscle tissue throughout the urinary tract make Serogen-SP an optimal “below-the-belt” daily supplement.

The Winning Combination
Serogen-SP’s combination of Cernate, a one-of-a-kind standardized Swedish flower pollen extract (a synergistic blend of over 39 vitamins, minerals, and cartenoids; 23 essential and nonessential amino acids; 98 enzymes; polar and neutral lipids; and long chain hydrocarbons) and standardized Saw Palmetto Extract (free fatty acids, phytosterols, and monoglycerides) have been shown in clinical studies to work together to shrink and tighten prostate size and decrease congestion at a cellular level: this special pollen extract reduced the size and congestion of prostate cells while urinary flow, rate and clearance improved; saw palmetto extract reduced infection and urinary incontinence, as well as other BPH symptoms, and helped lower PSA levels and urinary flow rates by improving the hormonal metabolism of the prostate gland. There are over 100 separate clinical studies to support the individual efficacy of both extracts.

Other Beneficial traits of Serogen-SP’s unique blend are:

  • Distinctive capability to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT, the hormone believed to cause cells to multiply and bind to prostate receptor cells.
  • Regular use of saw palmetto and Cernate may decrease frequency of urination because of total urine expulsion and reduced inflammation of both the bladder and prostate.
  • Safe, all natural, and extremely effective, Serogen-SP’s blend provides vital nutrients to the body and cells (including all essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and enzymes).

Besides the sexual benefits that can be realized when continually using Somalab’s two Cernate-based products, the improved prostate function and male urinary system performance that can be achieved with Serogen-SP is clearly an obvious step to overall male well-being. Serogen-SP is the only product of its kind.

Serogen-SP Ingredients
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:1 Tablet
Amount Per Serving  %DV
Vitamin A:1250 IU25%
Vitamin E:7.5 IU25%
Saw palmetto, stinging nettle leaf, berries extract (90% total sterols & free fatty acids), quercetin dehydrate, pygeum bark 4:1 extract (bark) and lycopene.
Proprietary Blend320 mg*
*Daily value (DV) not established

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