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Somalab’s Daily Supplement that Started it All!

A special limited run of Serogen is here and it’s as potent as it ever was!


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A fresh new run of our best-selling Serogen is now available. Serogen Plus contains a whopping 400mgs of Somalab’s original proprietary blend of Cernate and has now been triple processed for maximum potency. Our Cernate is a high-end amalgamate of selected “defined” rye-based pollen, a natural, pure botanical seed extract harvested from inside the seed husk, stripped of all allergens, is toxin-free, and is proven to be safe and effective.

This time around, we’ve used the newest state-of-the-art extraction methods now available in the Digital Age, along with the totality of scientific data to ensure the final extract contains specific compounds in effective, set ratios. Our formulator has “fingerprinted” Cernate to the maximum potency standards laid out in the United States Pharmacopia (USP).

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Natural Supplements for Strong, Healthy Prostate Function

Unlike many “all-purpose” supplement distributors who claim their products improve "everything-under-the-sun" when it comes to maleness aspects and masculine attributes (an impossible feat), all Somalab’s formulas are "performance-specific" supplements; they are singularly precise in focusing on the essential particulars that make up the complex elements of the male reproductive system.

It is our belief there is no one-pill answer to improving everything "below-the-belt."

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Benefits & Results

What Results will daily users of Somalab Supplements Encounter?

  • A more fulfilling and rewarding sex life
  • A renewed sense of virility and sexual vigor
  • A remarkable sense of sexual self-confidence
  • All-around healthier and more youthful sexual performance

About Our Proprietary Blends

  • Our formulas are designed and intended to focus on performance-specific areas as opposed to general, watered down “all-purpose” formulas.
  • Made with the highest quality all-natural plant extracts.
  • Designed with the highest concentrated dosage of ingredients grouped together for effectiveness and calculated for the human body’s maximum absorption rate.

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Buyers beware!

It has been brought to our attention that there are similar products currently available on the web that are possibly fraudulent and have had customer complaints levied against them. Please see our “buyer beware” page for a list and actual links regarding product reviews, actual complaints filed against the companies selling them, and press releases regarding news about lawsuits pending against a few of these sellers.

Since these questionable and uncredible products have damaged Somalab’s reputation, we find it necessary to point out that these products and their respective sellers are supplements and Web distributors that Somalab IS NOT affiliated with.