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VigRx:™ Penis enhancement based on 2-week to 12-week studies of erections, intracavernous pressure and sperm density in rats. Yes… RATS!

ratFolks we can’t make this stuff up! But we use VigRx’s™  especially outlandish product claims (in a long line of ridiculous product claims from many similar companies and their products): to distance ourselves from shady outfits like VigRx,™ and as just one example towarn potential buyers and make them aware of  questionable products similar to VigRx™ and how they are marketed.

VigRx™ tries to cover “all-things-male” as do most of the male sexual enhancers currently available. Be aware of this type of product: a magic pill that fixes, enlarges, makes stronger EVERYTHING related to the male sexual psyche.

When Somalab™ started selling Serogen™ almost 7 years ago, we were the only male sexual enhancer available.  We were, and still are, in the business of selling performance-specific supplements (mainly male orgasm enhancers). VigRx™ and other similar products are not performance-specific.

It’s unfortunate we didn’t have the foresight to know that with the proliferation of the Web, the rats would come scurrying to the surface and saturate what was once a credible market (and an original one) we, helped spawn.

The following summary can be viewed on the VigRx™ Website

VigRx™  (made by  Albion Medical  Leading Edge Herbals based out of Greeley, CO) apparently has “the secret formula” to help men achieve impressive increases in girth and length, an increase sexual drive and stamina, and bigger harder, longer-lasting erections, to name just a few of the remarkable results of VigRx-Plus.

We don’t know much about VigRx™ and Albion Medical, but after further research, it was discovered that they have been flagged for unfair trade competition and fraudulent search engine optimization (much like Orexis).

Go to to read about the possibility of litigation. Read about a similar (and a successful) lawsuit regarding a similar product.

Excerpts and quotes found on the VigRx™ Website

Based on two studies “pending” publication in “ a medical journal,” VigRx™ is “doctor approved” (there are plenty of photos of people who claim to endorse VigRx,™ wearing lab coats and stock photography of people busy in secret labs, one can only assume, developing VigRx’s secret formula).

What VigRx™ Offers

Doctor-approved VigRx-Plus offers it’s “Diamond Package” (a one year’s supply of VigRx-Plus) for $489 (marked down from $923.88!). Customers who order VigRx’s Diamond Package also receive “bonus gifts: a bottle of pheromones and a “crazy party girls” movie (it doesn’t say if the gifts that come with a year supply of VigRx™ are also “doctor approved”).

VigRx’s Mission

The VigRx™ Web site states: “Leading Edge Herbals has developed the world's leading male sexual enhancement product, VigRx Plus, helping tens of thousands of men from every corner of the globe banish the #1 male fear of inadequate penis size!)

Customers can try VigRx™ risk free for 67 days (we still can’t figure out why customers have 67 days before VigRx™ can be returned for a refund).

You can read the VigRx™ study abstracts here. What follows are some of the highlights of the VigRx™ study abstracts:

From VigRx™ Study Abstract #1:

VigRx especially at the dosage of 30 mg/kg/D could significantly increase sex drive, erect penile size, intracavernous pressure (ICP) and sperm density in the rats. It was concluded that the VigRx at the dosage of 30mg/kg/D could induce the high sex drive, the penile size, the penile erection and could increase the sperm density in the rat

From VigRx™ Study Abstract #2

The aim of this project was to investigate the long-term effects of VigRx on sexual behavior at 4, 8 and 12 - weeks of treatment, and on erect penile size, intracavernous pressure, testosterone level, and sperm density in the adult maleSprague-Dawley rats.
VigRx™ claims the full report will be released pending publication in The Scientific Journal.  We can’t wait to read the full studies since we have as many questions as I’m sure you do. But there’s one that perplexes us most: What kind of ruler/tape measure did they use on the rats?

How We Found Out VigRx was Using Our Trademark Name
to Place Its Ads

The VigRx™/Serogen comparison was brought to our attention by the letter of the month on cybersex columnist Nancy-Ann’s site.

Although being compared to any Somalab product is certainly a form of praise (after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), we feel it is our duty to let possible (and current Somalab customers know about questionable products like VigRx™ (and Orexis) and point out how absurdly marketed some of them are.

Somalab/ Serogen: No Relation to VigRx™!

We must go on record: neither Somalab nor any of its products are in any way affiliated with VigRx,™ Albion Medical and Leading Edge Herbals. When searching for Somalab or any of its products: Serogen, Serogen-SP, Black Gold, andSensagen, do not assume we are in any way related to all the products and companies who pay to place sponsored product ads when our trademarks are typed into a search engine. There is only one Somalab. The original “ropes”-inducing supplement.

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