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Sildenafil citrate (the most popular brand name is Viagra) and equivalent pharmaceutical alternatives can and are used with Somalab Products for optimal effects.

Sildenafil citrate is an effective “add-on” while taking Somalab supplements. Many of our preferred customers use Sildenafil coupled with Serogen, Serogen-SP and Black-Gold to great effect.

There are no contradictions or side-effects when taking these together.

As Viagra and its generic equivalent(s) are powerful (and expensive) pharmaceuticals with sometimes unpleasant side-effects, we encourage all our customers looking to improve erection strength and overall firmness to try a two-tab daily regime of Somalab’s Black-Gold. Containing flush niacin and traces of yohimbe, Black Gold is formulated to improve male performance in these areas of function by opening surface blood capillaries.

This makes Black Gold a reasonable substitute for Viagra® alternatives.

As for Somalab’s Serogen line of products, since they are targeted to maximize and intensify male orgasms, taking a sildenfil product an hour before sexual relations along with a daily continued-use regime of either Serogen or Serogen-SP, most men can heighten both theirs and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

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