Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil citrate (the most popular brand name is Viagra) and equivalent pharmaceutical alternatives can and are used with Somalab Products for optimal effects.

Sildenafil citrate is an effective “add-on” while taking Somalab supplements. Many of our preferred customers use Sildenafil coupled with Serogen, Serogen-SP and Black-Gold to great effect.

There are no contradictions or side-effects when taking these together.

As Viagra and its generic equivalent(s) are powerful (and expensive) pharmaceuticals with sometimes unpleasant side-effects, we encourage all our customers looking to improve erection strength and overall firmness to try a two-tab daily regime of Somalab’s Black-Gold. Containing flush niacin and traces of yohimbe, Black Gold is formulated to improve male performance in these areas of function by opening surface blood capillaries.

This makes Black Gold a reasonable substitute for Viagra® alternatives.

As for Somalab’s Serogen line of products, since they are targeted to maximize and intensify male orgasms, taking a sildenfil product an hour before sexual relations along with a daily continued-use regime of either Serogen or Serogen-SP, most men can heighten both theirs and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

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Black Gold

Order a one-month (or multiple months) supply of Black Gold and receive a complimentary 10-Day starter kit of Black Gold free of charge with your order (a $20 value).

1 month supply of Black Gold (60 capsules)
Price: $59.95
2 month supply of Black Gold (120 capsules)
Price: $79.95
3 month supply of Black Gold (180 capsules)
Price: $99.95

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