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Somalab’s Gender-Distinct, Performance-Specific Blend Formulated Just for Her



Sensagen’s Proprietary Female Impulse Support Blend (FISB) is an assortment of high-end extracts that when combined offer women heightened and sustained sexual pleasure.

Somalab introduces Sensagen, formulated with its own unique proprietary Impulse Blend that promotes similar sexual-enhancing attributes for women as does Somalab’s product-line designed for men. Increased libido, frequency of orgasms and clitoral sensitivity to stimulation are a few of the benefits women will experience when using Sensagen daily. Sensagen’s  amalgamation of herbal elements, includingL-arginine, Damiana leaf, licorice, and tribulus terrestris is the perfect mix to help stimulate blood flow to the vaginal walls, induce relaxation, and lower anxiety in order to help encourage extra female orgasmic contractions that are stronger, deeper, and longer.

When NO (with TT) Means Yes
L-arginine causes the production of nitric oxide (NO), a gas, and is the basis for clitoral erection and excitement, which in turn improves clitoral circulation and thus leads to increased physical pleasure. A Nobel Prize-winning discovery found NO acts as a signal molecule in a living organism. NO penetrates through membranes, regulating cellular functions and signaling biological systems. No other signal molecule works like NO. Working in conjunction with NO is tribulus terrestris (TT), a pure extract that Ayurvedic physicians have long valued for its aphrodisiac qualities. Clinical studies have demonstrated an increase in the concentrations of hormones, including Estradiol, with testosterone slightly influenced, thereby improving reproductive function, libido and ovulation. Based on these results, Eastern European drug companies began releasing standardized TT preparations to treat sexual disorders as early as 1981. An added benefit of TT is its balancing of hormone production without over stimulating secretion. A balanced hormone level significantly reduces menopausal and premenstrual symptoms.

Important Impulse “Add-ins”
Rounding out Sensagen’s “impulse” supplement is licorice root,which shows strong promise in supporting hormonal health;Damiana leaf, which the native peoples of Mexico have used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times; and aromatic herb dong quai (DG), which has a reputation of being the ultimate, all-purpose woman’s tonic herb. DQ has been found useful in balancing and treating many female systems and cycles, strengthening internal reproductive organs, and relieving menopausal conditions such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

Serogen Ingredients
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:2 Tablets
Servings Per Container:30
Amount Per Serving  %DV
L-Arginine HCI:250 mg*
Tribulus terrestris standardized extract:250 mg*
(45% furanosterols) (fruit & stem)
Female Impulse Sensagen Blend (FISB)350 mg*
Licorice root standardized extract 13% glycyrrhizin), Avena sativa 10:1 extract (green oat straw), damiana leaf 4:1 extract, dong quai root standardized extract (1% ligustilide), Muira puama (aerial parts) 4:1 extract and royal jelly (6% 10-HAD)

*Daily value (DV) not established

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