Somalab-all-natural herbal supplements for healthy prostate function
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Tablets are taken as a twice-daily supplement. One tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening.
All of our orders ship in a white Tyvek envelope with only your address and our return address on the outside.
Like most ingestible continued-use supplements, a build-up time varies before results occur. Desired results usually begin within 7-14 days of all products' twice-daily regimen.
Resume taking the recommended dosage of your chosen product as long as you wish to continue to experience the desired outcome. All Somalab supplements are continued-use products, therefore must be taken daily for maximum results.
The active ingredient in all of our male enhancement supplements is Cernate,™ Somalab's own proprietary blend of selected "defined" pollen used for a generation in Sweden to enhance sexual capacity as well as strengthen the prostate and is an improvement on Cernitin, the generic Swedish blend of defined flower pollen. Made of natural, pure botanical seed extract, Cernate is harvested from inside the seed husk, stripped of all allergens, is toxin-free, and is safe and effective. For a complete ingredient listing for all Somalab products visit nutritional facts.
There are no known or reported negative side-effects from using Somalab's products. We also know of no interactions with other medications, but before combining with other medications please consult your physician. Somalab supplements are NOT meant to be used as contraceptives nor will they prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Serogen, Serogen-SP, and Sensagen do not contain any stimulants, so they will not affect heart rate or blood pressure. However, Black Gold contains trace amounts of yohimbe and other "key-kickers," that may act as stimulants.
Yes. The vasectomy procedure will not at all affect the benefits of our male enhancement product line. As a matter of fact, because the vasectomy procedure can result in a decrease in the ejaculate, many of our customers start using our products after they have had a vasectomy.
Please visit the Returns and Exchanges section of our web site and read our Satisfaction Policy which contains information on returns and refunds.
Yes. Upon any Somalab product purchase, U.S. customers may be automatically enrolled in Somalab's Advantage Care Direct program. Advantage Care Direct status can be canceled by calling 1-212-244-7061 or emailing Customers who have purchased one of our Soma Samplers will receive a one-time follow-up of the Soma Sampler for the total cost of $70; this is a savings of up to $55.
Customers who re-order can subscribe for automatic shipments of Somalab's products. We now have 2 options for preferred customers who choose continued use. Please contact a sales representative for complete details. There is no fee to join as a preferred subscriber and you can cancel or suspend your subscription plan at any time.
Somalab products are packaged discreetly and with quality assurance. No sugar, salt, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors are added. All products are guaranteed for purity, freshness and label potency and are, by law, DSHEA-compliant. Customer information is kept confidential and is not sold or placed on mailing lists.
The product that is best for you is the one that reacts best with your body. Because all people are biologically slightly different, there is no 1 product that is best for everyone. It is our experience that of the men who have tried all 3 of our products there is always 1 product or a combination of 2 products that works best for each individual. It is for this reason that we offer the Soma Samplers; so you may find the product that works best for you.
Yes. Combining products is a very popular method and a good way to ensure maximum results. And because all of our products are water-soluble, there is no fear of overdose.