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Recognized for being one of the first and most credible formulators of Herbal sexual enhancers.

Who We Are and What We Do

Recognized for consistently delivering high-quality products and having a strong voluntary reorder rate, Somalab provides a wide distribution of niche adult enhancement products.

For more than 15 years, Somalab has set itself apart in the now-saturated arena of uncredible fly-by-night Internet Websellers. These rogue (an often nonexistent!) marketers use fraudulent search optimization techniques to mislead Web shoppers and sponsor advertisements and shady shadow sites that claim they are the original and offer absurd proclamations about their products that borderline on irresponsible.

How We Do It:

It takes more than over-the-top empty promises about the subpar blends that are offered to stay credible and establish a loyal following for as long as Somalab has accomplished. Besides longevity, what keeps Somalab a pioneer in the nutraceutical sexual enhancement field is simple: We are one of the very few boutique formulators and distributors dedicated to producing “performance-specific” products, meaning each product is designed to “spot-light” one distinctive aspect of gender-particular performance. This approach allows our formulators to concentrate on the principle in which each formula was intended, maximizing its proposed aim.

Why We Do It:

By introducing new adult-oriented enhancement products and consistently widening its product brand and distribution channels, Somalab maintains its mission by broadening awareness of the beneficial results that help improve the sexually physical attributes of both men and women when natural supplements are used daily.

More Information about Us

Our History
The actual account of how a niche within a now-familiar cottage industry was born

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